Impact of Gut Bacteria on Health

Date:  2021-01-21
Author:   Courtney Fletcher
Impact of Gut Bacteria on Health
Endotoxins (Lipopolysaccharides, LPS), a major component of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria, are well known as contributors to the inflammation.
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Courtney Fletcher - Life Science Educator
Life Science Educator
Courtney Fletcher

Courtney holds a B.H.S (Nut)  and has developed a career dedicated to allied health and pharmacy solutions providing diagnostic, technical, therapeutic and direct patient care and support. Courtney provides vital assistance to patients and works alongside medical teams including doctors, allied health practitioner and pharmacists to deliver the best possible patient outcomes.

With her past decade of experience in the film and television industry and as a business owner, a change in professional interest took place. In the last four years she has committed to her education and formally started to work within a scientific clinical framework at Medlab Clinical and her own Nutritional Clinic.

In her current capacity at Medlab Clinical, Courtney develops technical educational material to support conference presentations about Medlab’s research and publications. Her role has expanded beyond the boundaries of a traditional educator which includes presenting at educational and training events, working alongside the sales and marketing team to support sales targets and performance and creates digital assets including blogs, videos and webinars.


Medlab Research Update: SAMe and Magnesium Orotate as Adjunctive to SSRIs

Anti-depressants are first line treatment for moderate to severe depression and offer benefits both short and long term. Important problems persist such as intolerability, delayed therapeutic onset, limited efficacy in milder depression and the existence of treatment-resistant depression.


Medlab Research Update: Probiotic and Magnesium Orotate as Adjunctive to SSRIs

Medlab’s Phase II clinical study continues to explore adjunctive administration of pharmaceuticals such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) for treatment resistant depression. Medlab’s pilot study investigating SAMe and Magnesium Orotate suggested that intestinal dysbiosis was implicated in depression with systemic inflammation and possible impairment of vagal nerve signaling. Therefore, further investigations should include a diagnostic examination for gastrointestinal tract dysfunction followed by intervention with specific probiotic strains to improve a dysbiotic gastrointestinal tract that could enhance a patient's response to treatments taken orally for depression.  


Medlab Research Update: NanoCelle

NanoCelle® Technology - is a unique delivery platform that has demonstrated effective and convenient delivery of an active ingredient administered as a spray onto the oro-buccal membrane (inside of the cheek). The aim of Medlab’s clinical study with healthy participants was to compare the absorption profiles over a 6-hour period of five different vitamin B12 formulations, administered via the oral-intestinal tract, oral mucosa and oro-buccal sites.